Project Description

I started running in 2009. My wife had always wanted us to do a 5k together. We saw a sign for the 2009 huffin for stuffin 5K, so we decided to train for it. I really enjoyed the challenge of training for something. I loved the race that year and we had so much fun that we decided to do it again the next year. In 2010 I ran it 4 minutes faster than the previous year and I just fell in love with running. I also really enjoyed the competetive side of it. It was a great way to challenge myself to do better and train harder. I always want to beat my times and achieve new PR’s .

My proudest accomplishments in running are running the 2013 Comrades Marathon in South Africa which is 54 miles. I finished in 9 hours 37 minutes. Achieving a Boston Marathon qualifying time in the 2013 Albany Marathon in 3 hours 13 minutes. Also, finishing the 2017 Pinhoti 100 mile trail race in 23 hours 52 minutes.
I continue to run because I love it! It is a huge passion of mine. There is nothing quite like it for me. I also love the running community and all of the friends that I’ve made through running.