Project Description

I completed my first 1-mile fun run in Sandersville, GA in 1983 at the Kaolin Kanter when I was 6 years old, and I have been an “on again/off again” runner for most of my life. Growing up, I was always involved in sports and my parents were both multi-sport coaches. Activity was just a normal part of our household routine. I attended North Georgia College and State University and earned a degree in Health and Physical Education. Getting back into running seriously in August 2015 was a health related decision. I realized how far I had fallen and how inactive I had become. I could not even jog slowly for 10 minutes without walking. Quickly approaching my 40’s, I was determined to make better choices and the aim was a healthier me in the next decade of my life. In order to help myself, and set a better example for my wife and 3 children, I began moving again on a consistent basis. I also set some specific goals and over the next 2 years and I completed my first half-marathon, full marathon, and ultra marathon.


The climax of this particular leg of my journey was completing my first ultra marathon. Originally, I set a goal of completing 40 miles on my 40th birthday. As I progressed in my training, I realized 40 miles was not going to be a big enough challenge. I wanted something that really tested my grit. Now, I don’t recommend picking a 24 hour race for your first ultra, but it did work out for me. I picked a 24 hour race and set out to complete 100 miles. I trained, studied, and obsessed for nearly 2 years before completing my first official ultra race. I ran 101 miles in the DFL 24 Hour Race held in Savannah, GA.


Many people in the running community helped me along the way. They encouraged my insanity. They ran with me often. They gave me advice and warnings. I could not have done it without them. I am so grateful to each one of the individuals who have been apart of my journey so far. I’m also grateful to be included as a member of the 2020 Revolution Running Team. Let the journey continue! This opportunity will surely help me stay committed to my overall goal of being a healthier me during this decade of my life, but even more important than that, it will give me an avenue to inspire others to start or continue on their own journey. #KeepMoving