Project Description

I had no interest in running until my husband, Jason, started training for his first half marathon. I thought if he could run 13.1 miles, I could run 3.1. I trained. I ran my first official 5k in April of 2016. And I was hooked. The following September I ran my first 10k race. Then in November of 2017 I ran my first half marathon race. As you can tell, I don’t do things halfway. I decided to train and run my first full MARATHON – 26.2 miles the following November! I had a whole year to train and I believed I could do it. I did, but it did NOT go as planned. I sprained my foot about half way through the race and hobbled the rest of it. (I don’t recommend doing that!) My motto going into that race was “One and done.” That’s why I HAD to finish that race. I was NEVER going to run another marathon. Well, that didn’t last long because Revolution Running announced a new race, “Lady of the Lake.” The hoodie for the race was AMAZING. I signed up for the shirt. It was an eight hour trail race, and I decided to run my farthest distance to date. I set a goal of 50k. The venue, Vogel State Park, was perfect, but I did NOT have a good race. I missed my goal by about three miles. THREE Miles. That meant I had to try again. I came home and signed up for The Stinger All Comers Track Race. I chose the twelve hour option because I was sure I could get my 50k in twelve hours. I did. I actually finished with 40.99 miles! I was stoked! It was a FUN race. The weather was perfect and the race atmosphere was INCREDIBLE. Thank you, Revolution Running!


Running is so much more than just running. Three years ago, I had some health issues that took running away from me for a time. Being able to run again is a blessing that I’ll never take for granted. I’m a busy stay at home mom to three children. I teach English classes online to Chinese students. I homeschool my children. I have a skincare business. All of these things keep me busy, but running keeps me sane. Running has also given me many new and meaningful relationships. I never would have met so many wonderful people if not for the sport. Running is truly a blessing.