Project Description

After I got out of the army in 1997, I decided that I was going to keep running on my own terms.  Now I was going to run for fun and to stay in shape.  I started doing every 5k that I could get to.  One day a friend of mine said she wanted to do a half marathon.  We trained and we did it.  I had so much fun that it became my distance and for years I would do 4-6 half marathons per year with 5/10k races in between.

When my kids got older I decided to do a full marathon.  I didn’t have a single friend or family member who wanted to train or complete a full marathon with me.  I basically trained in my neighborhood and in the gym for 6 months and completed my first marathon in 2009.  It was the ING Marathon in Atlanta.  It was so hard and my time was terrible!  I finished it.  I hated it.  My kids were at the finish line and the feeling of accomplishment was so overwhelming that it had me signing up for another one very quickly. 

In 2015, I ventured into trail running and that very quickly became ultra-running.  I am doing my first 50 miler in June of this year and am excited to push myself and see how far I can go.  I can honestly say that I love trail running and the community that represents it!

                                                                                                Barbara Hook