Project Description

I am a 56 year old mother to 3 daughters and a grandmother to 3 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson, a US Army Military Police Veteranand currently employed as the Chief Deputy Clerk at Clayton County Superior/Magistrate Courts. I have been running on and off most of my life, however nothing other than 5ks and “fun runs”  until I trained on my own for my first ½ marathon,the Nike Womens Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA. I was amazed not only that I could run that distance, but enjoy it also!  Thus began my journey of running and challenging myself to see what I could accomplish and after many “solo” runs, I joined my first ever running group.  I have  met some fantastic runners and friends who taught me so much about running,  who trained with me, encouraged me and helped me to complete  my first full marathon in 2017; I learned  about “ultra runners” and was intrigued and amazed at the distance of these runners so I  decided to test the waters in the “Ultra” running arena which led me to complete my first 50k about 3 weeks after my first marathon.  I was now running  mileage I never thought I could run at my age.  I accomplished my  mileage goal of 50 miles in June of 2018 and am now working towards my next goal of completing a 100k. I am not the fastest runner out there, but I have learned that running is not about speed for me; it is about setting goals for myself and thru discipline, endurance,determination and fellow runners I am able to reach those goals; its about the friendships that are built with other runners, the guidance, encouragement, laughter, good times and compassion we all share with one another.

I am thrilled about being part of the Revolution Running Team and look forward to seeing everyone out there!