Project Description

My name is Lee, and I was born in England in 1980. My running journey started in 2014 when I decided to get fit after seeing my wife Brandy do workouts. After having kids at a young age, we didn’t have much time for ourselves, so we packed on some pounds and had a very unhealthy lifestyle. That’s when at 34 after never running before I decided to do a couch to 5K program on an app. It was a 12-week program to build you up so you could a 5K without stopping. Well, it took me over a year to complete the program after stopping and starting many times, but after, running must have become ingrained in me and I just kept running. In 2016 started running local 5K races and found a group to run with early in the mornings. Everything escalated from there. My mileage ramped way up and after winning some of the local 5K races and realized I was pretty good for my age. I trained and ran my first marathon which ended up being Soldiers Marathon in November 2016. I learned a lot from the race and signed up for many more, eventually getting my eye on running Boston. It took me a few years, but I finally qualified for Boston with a time of 2:56 and got a chance to run it in 2019. After qualifying for Boston, I had already decided I would switch to those crazy ultra races. I remember talking about how crazy it was that people were running a hundred miles at one time. I raced and won my first ultra, a 50K in 2018, and ran my first 100 miler, the Pinhoti 100 in 2019. My biggest adventure to date was when a ran the Moab 240 in 2022 in just under 84 hours. I came back to Columbus Georgia to a little fame and was on a podcast and even got on the evening news talking about the “leaf people” hallucinations I saw on the third night of Moab. Today I continue to run races and have my eye on some big ones for 2024/2025 after taking a down year in 2023. I have found my happy place; it is when I run. I am greatly privileged and to be apart of and represent a great running community and share the knowledge I have obtained on my journey. I am honored to be a member and represent the Revolution Running Team for 2024.