Project Description

Hello my name is Brian Williamson. I’m a 43 year old running fanatic from Henry Co. Ga. I was born &
raised in Cumming, Ga. Where I would say that my love for running began even though I didn’t recognize
it until a little later in life. Growing up I was a Baseball and a Basketball player. I strived as being the
fastest player on the team. One of my little league Baseball coaches gave me the nickname “Fly’n Brian”.
I was always ready for a foot race! During Basketball practice I actually enjoyed running the wind sprints,
coach would always say… Alright if Williamson is the first one to finish again he can be finished, but the
rest of you have to line up and run 2 more! I was also on the track team in middle school, and competed
in the 4 x 100 relay team. Fast forward to 2012 at the age of 32 I was out of shape, and not really
excited about it. I had tried to find places to play pickup basketball games, but nothing was consistent
enough. One day I was complaining to my family about being out of shape, and my Mother in Law
(everyone knows her as CC) said put your shoes on lets go for a run. My 32 year old male pride said…
why would I want to go for a run with my Mother in Law? I’m so thankful she was persistent in getting
me out of the house that day! So we ran… her more so than me. I would have to stop every quarter mile
or so, and CC would say I’ll be back to get you in a minute. CC continued to run circles around me for a
couple of months, and eventually introduced me to a group of local runners the Atlanta Southside
Runners (ASR). What an amazing group of individuals! As I would get to know these inspirational men
and women, I would run many milestones with them. 5 miles, 6 miles… 10 miles, completing 12+ Half
Marathon races. In 2021 I finally made the commitment and completed my first Full Marathon with a
time of 3:51:14. In 2021 I PR’d the 10k distance with a time of 45:55, and the Half Marathon distance
with a time of 1:42:18. In 2022 I’ve kept my training distances up throughout the year most of the miles
being with my ASR family. On October the 1 st I ran Revolution Running’s “The Lady of The Lake” 4 hour
race, and placed 2 nd overall finisher. I’m honored to be a part of the Revolution Running race team for
2023, and I believe that it’s time for a couple more PR’s!!