Project Description

Hi, my name Brandy Loste-Brown. I am 39 years old and was born and raised in
Columbus, GA. In 2014 my cousin popped ShaunT’s Insanity workout in the DVD player
and my fitness journey began. In 2017, I felt strong and decided to venture out. I got
involved in a local non-profit that taught women’s outdoor education. I learned I was a
hiker at heart and dabbled in backpacking with WILD. In 2018, after my husband and
sons signed up for a trail race, I thought I could be much faster if I dropped the 30-
pound pack, so I decided to give running a try knowing trails are my happy place. I did
that first 10k in 1:22. I ran some by myself after that, but I really loved group activities. In
2020, Lee went on an early morning group run and when they were done, I got a text
message from an old friend that said she will do an 11 min mile with me, I just had to go
run with them. From that point on I was involved in the Columbus running community.
The community motivated me and made the miles pass fast. As most of us know, miles
with friends speed up and escalate quickly! My fastest 5k to date is 27:27. I prefer to run
slow, steady and longer distances. I’ve got a few ultras under my belt. I ran Run Across
Georgia with an awesome relay team in May 2021, paced Lee for his last 38 miles of
Moab 240 in Oct 2022, Blood Rock 55k In Dec 2022, and hiked several hundred miles
of the Appalachian Trail over the last few years. I got my Wilderness First Responder
Certification in 2021 and found a way to share my love of the woods by guiding women
thru many trail miles. My miles were down in 2023 because of knee surgery in March
but I have big 2024 goals! I plan to run my first 50 miler and do a 400 mile hike for my
40th birthday! I am excited and honored to be on the 2024 Revolution Running Team!