Project Description

My wife Sandi and I have lived in Pike co. for about 30 years now and love it. After to many years of a sedentary life style I finally at the age of 63, decided I needed to do something about it, so I started walking and after some time I thought I should try running, that didn’t go over well. But I found a C25K running plan, it was 3 months but it took me four, but at the end of it I entered my first 5k and was so happy. That was a life changer, I knew then I was a runner. I did mostly 5k’s but eventually did 10k’s, half’s, both road and trail, and this past year I did the Lady of the Lake 8hr. and did 29 miles, this year the plan is to do a 50k[we’ll see]. The best thing about this running thing is all the great people I’ve met and just being part of this running community. I didn’t get started running until later in life, but it’s never to late. I thank God for blessing me with good health and an understanding wife. I thank Annie and Kevin for this opportunity to be part of the Revolution Running Race Team. See you at the races.