Project Description

Originally from New Orleans, LA I’ve always been fairly athletic.  My sport’s were swimming, riding horses in three day Eventing and soccer.  I fell in love with middle Georgia during the ’96 Olympics and traveled for a bit during college before meeting my man, Lee, and settling down on a small farm in Jenkinsburg.  We have a daughter, Ailie, who runs cross country for Strong Rock Christian School and plays soccer.  I am a veterinarian and work with Dr Chanda Thompson in Barnesville and also have my own alternative medicine practice.

My running journey began during vet school in 2012 when one of my roommates wanted to get ready for the AthHalf.  I never got fully trained for that race but I started a road to running and fitness.  Jump to spring of 2018 and I did my first half marathon at the Diva in Peachtree City  and swore I’d never do another.  My husband Lee convinced me to do a Spartan that fall and I got hooked.  I started doing local races, mostly 5k, and training a little more.  This last year I took my training a little more seriously and balanced my diet which improved my performance even more.  I started the year with the Huff n Puff half marathon finishing with a great time.  COVID canceled many of the events I wanted to do in the last year but I kept training and fit in races and events when they were allowed.

I look forward to continuing my journey and running some races in person this year.  OCRs keep things interesting but I like the varied terrain that train runs offer.  Running allows me to just get out and go and not think of my busy schedule and just be.  It’s a great outlet for mental and physical fitness and I’ve met some awesome people along the way.