Project Description

Hi my name is Eddie Wise. I am 68 years old and weigh 225 pounds. Not your typical ultra runner. I have enjoyed running all my life. In my 20’s and 30’s I ran a lot of races including over a dozen marathons. Then I started coaching girls fast pitch softball. For thirty years I coached girls including travel teams, high school at Strong Rock for five years, and ending up as an assistant to one of my former players at Georgia Military College for ten years. I couldn’t really train, so I didn’t run many races. Upon my retirement during Covid, I started logging more miles. I still had absolutely no idea of running an ultra. Then I heard of race called Sunshine Endurance. It was a benefit for a lady I didn’t know but I’m a sucker for causes. I signed up for the 12 hour thinking I would get half a marathon or so in. I got 46 miles and got hooked. By the way, Annie got to help me when I blew a calf tendon at Huff n Puff. In 2023 I ran 9 races of 6 hours or more including four 100 k’s  and my first 100 miler. In 2024 I hope to get four 100 milers as well as some other “fun” runs. I am a realist! I know my time for running that many miles is getting shorter, but not yet. I consider it an honor to be on Revolution Running’s 2024 team. See you on the trails and on the roads.