Project Description

I am a wife (22 years and counting) and mother to three beautiful children.  I am also a runner.  Five years ago, the word “runner” was definitely not used to describe myself.  I never was involved in sports of any kind during my childhood nor in my adult life.  I assumed I had no potential, so why even try.  After all, exercise sucks, right? At age 38, I found myself wanting more.  I had smoked on and off my entire adult life and was determined not to continue.  I needed to do something to ensure I would not start back.  During the first week of April 2013, I challenged myself to start running.  I set a goal of running a 5K by that fall; what I thought was an impossible distance.  I took baby steps out my front door.  I started walking and then added in little spurts of running.  Soon, I found I could run longer periods and walk less.  Before I knew it, I had run a mile without stopping!  I signed up for my first 5K for the end of May, not the following fall as originally planned.  I was slow but repeated the mantra throughout that first 5K “don’t stop, just keep running”. The sense of accomplishment overwhelmed me.  I then went on and furthered my distances.  My first half marathon was just nine months after I took that first step out the door.  Since then I have ran many races ranging from countless 5Ks and half marathons, two marathons, and two 50Ks.  I am still not the fastest runner out there and by no means have gone the furthest.  I have achieved many first place age group medals though and one Master’s level medal.  My favorite runs are those where the dirt is under my feet, and I am surrounded by nothing but God’s creation.  I learned that “Huff-N-Puff” means a lot more than it used to.  My next goal is to accomplish a 50 mile run.  I hope that my children look at my accomplishments, and it will encourage them to try things they never thought was possible.  Running has brought into my life two of my best friends that I love dearly.  Without them running by my side, I would have probably quit many times.  Running also has taught me to love myself.  Just. Go. Run.