Project Description

I was pretty active in high school between cheerleading and softball but running wasn’t in my vocabulary. I left that to my sister, the soccer player. In 2013 I ran, ok mostly walked, my first ever half marathon with my Mom in Disneyland and had a BLAST! I started running on my own and signing up for more races. The swag was alluring for sure, but the atmosphere is what I fell in love with. In 2014 I moved to McDonough where my now husband (and biggest cheerleader) lives and I knew no one. I signed up for the Diva’s PTC half and stumbled across the Moms Run This Town page. I stalked the Henry County group page for a really long time before ever joining any runs. I finally stepped out of my comfort zone, went to a group run, and the rest is history. Since then, I found the ASR group and man have I found my people! I often joke that I enjoy the social aspect of running more than the actual running.  In 2015 I ran my first ever marathon and at around mile 20 I said, “never again”. Joke was on me, because that feeling crossing the finish line has led me to 6 other marathons, several 4-hour races and even a 6-hour race! My running family happens to be some of the best-bad influences you can meet. I absolutely love watching others crush their goals!! The inspiration they provide has helped me to push beyond anything I ever thought I could accomplish. Running has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life, pushed me out of my comfort zones, brought me some of the greatest friends turned family, helped me truly find myself, and filled my closet full of awesome shirts & hoodies (shoutout to Revolution Running for the best swag)!