Project Description

My name is Heather McComb, and I am 40 years old. I’ve been running for about 8 years now. My husband Wayne persuaded me to start running to minimize me complaining about my metabolism or lack thereof. He always made time for a run, so I thought it was something we could dabble in together. My training was maybe a little backwards than most, starting at longer distances to keep up with Wayne. Ironically I had run multiple ultras before I officially ran my first 5k! I prefer running on trail, but over the years I’ve warmed up to running roads. Running and I have a love / hate relationship…. I’ll never be one of those runners who insists that “I love running and crave that runners high”! But what I do love is the way I feel after every run, whether it be 5 miles or 100 miles. Always trying to bottle that feeling of being elated with self satisfaction and proving to myself that I’m capable of anything. I’m honored to represent the Rev Run team for 2022! Bring on the races!