Project Description

I am a wife and mother of two great kids.  A (mostly) reformed bookworm, I had no interest in anything athletic until I hit my mid-life crisis.  Facing down 45, I decided I needed to start exercising.  So, my birthday present to myself was running a 5k every month that year.  I enjoyed it so much that I started experimenting with other distances, everything from 5k’s to triathlons to a 48 hour race.  Being a perfectionist, it’s been eye opening to find that you don’t have to be good at something to get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment from it!

My favorite race is “The Stinger” because running loops around the track gives this slow runner a chance to run with the crowd rather than struggling alone at the back of the pack.  Timed races also eliminate that pressure of making cut-offs; you can just relax and run at your own pace.  It’s fun to run some laps with new faces and hear “war stories” from the veteran runners.

My proudest running moment has been watching my youngest daughter complete her first half marathon.  Now if I can just persuade her to run “The Widow Maker” with me…