Project Description

My name is Brooklyn Weaver. I am 37-year-old single mom of 2 amazing boys. Fitness has always been
an important part of my life, but running didn’t come on scene until 2018. I grew up in Dublin, GA and
was a competitive dancer until I graduated high school. I majored in dance education at Arizona State
University. My oldest son came along in 2006 which led to a change in majors, a marriage a few years
later, and my second son in 2010.
On the outside my life seemed pretty good, but I was suffering terribly from the disease of alcoholism
from the time I took my first drink in high school. The disease progressed to the point of being a daily (all
day, every day) whisky drinker. I went through a terrible divorce, custody battle, loss of career, loss of
many relationships, physical abuse in another relationship, and my physical health was at an all time
low. I had two grand mal seizures that could have killed me, but I shook them off like it was no big deal.
With the help of my family, I got sober in May of 2015. I stayed in or connected to the treatment center I
went to for 2 years or so. Once I moved back home, I got a wild hair that I would become a runner. In
2018, my running journey began! I set out in my neighborhood, solo, with a pair of too-small gym
trainers. It took me a while to learn the ins and outs of running and what worked for me. I signed up for
a 10k turkey trot in 2019 and have been racing since!
In 2021 I had big dreams of running my first marathon. Recovery from addiction has taught me so much,
but one of the best nuggets is knowing I don’t have to do hard things alone. Somebody else has been in
my shoes and can lead the way. I joined Atlanta Southside Runners for that reason. My life has become
exponentially better since joining that group and I earned a new family. Not only did they get me to my
first marathon, but they talked me into doing crazy things like 6- and 12-hour races! My longest distance
to date is 44 miles at The Stinger in 2022.
I am honored to be a part of the Revolution Running team for 2023. My biggest goals for the year
include running as many of the Revolution Running races that I can, including the 24-hour Stinger in
November. I have my eyes set on a 100-mile buckle at some point and plan to hear the words “You Are
Ironman” within the next couple of years as well. Running has brought me to the most amazing
community and I am so unbelievably grateful! Hands up for 2023!!!